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Lin Kayser

The Kayser Forum for Sustainability was founded in 2011 by Munich, Germany-based entrepreneur Lin Kayser to increase consciousness about sustainability issues.

In recent years, the focus was specificially directed towards water cycles and the effects of global warming on the supply of clean water for people, animals and plants.

We believe that providing access to safe drinking water will be one of the biggest challenges of this century.

The increasing desertification all over the world, the pollution of existing fresh water sources and the decline of glaciers that act as important reservoirs and buffers for drinking water are just some of the problems that this generation will leave for our children and grandchildren.

The Kayser Forum explains, documents and comments on these complex questions and directs attention to possible solutions. We talk about both local issues, such as the pollution of rivers near the source and global problems, such as the increase in C02 emmissions which contribute to the melting of the polar ice caps.

In 2012, the Kayser Forum organized and financed a three-month expedition in Ecuador and Peru. “La Ruta del Agua” led a team of filmmakers from the glaciers of the 17000ft high active stratovolcano Sangay downriver deep into the Amazon jungle. The expedition team continuously took water samples and documented flora, fauna and the lives of people along the river. The team was accompanied by Indians of the local Shuar tribe, who live in a semi-autonomous area between Ecuador and Peru, almost without interaction with the modern world. Besides the publication of the scientific analysis of the water samples, that uniquely documents the quality of the water across the range of several thousand miles, the central goal of the expedition is the release of documentary movies and informational material, that highlight the relationship between water, humans and nature.

The Kayser Forum for Sustainability is politically independent and is financed exclusively through private donations.