La Ruta del Agua Team Navigates Upano River Rapids

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56079_444278768942943_1065641324_oThe La Ruta del Agua team under the leadership of Nico Kingman have successfully navigated the treacherous canyon and the river rapids of the river Upano and are now preparing for the last leg of the expedition.

Heavy rainfall threatened the canyon leg or the expedition and caused the Upano river to rise to an enormous 2 meters of water depth. Fortunately the other two rivers that combine before the canyon, the Rio Negro and Paute were unaffected and had low water, making the canyon passage daunting but still possible.

Preparations are ongoing for the last and most important leg of the expedition. Cinematographer and expedition project coordinator Carlos Alvarez Vela will rendezvous with Nico and a team of local Shuar indians to make final preparations in Quito before they travel to the starting point in the Amazon jungle.

The construction of several traditional balsa wood rafts is currently being completed. The 64 sq ft rafts will be the only mode of transportation for the expedition for several weeks. The rafts will float downriver until they reach the Amazon.

Tentative planning calls for starting testing the two wooden rafts on November 11th if weather permits. After we are sure that the rafts are safe and “riverworthy” we will slowly progress downriver, deep into Shuar territory.

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