Final Preparations for La Ruta del Agua Expedition

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457342_224331204359258_1788497840_oThe Sangay-Amazonas expedition La Ruta del Agua is in the final preparation stage. Carlos Alvarez Vela, expedition coordinator, and Dennis Weinman, expedition cinematographer, are preparing to fly out to Quito next week to join expedition leader Nico Kingman and the other team members in Ecuador.
Most of the equipment, including cameras, GPS trackers, sat phones, and other supplies have already arrived at the home base in Quito.
Weather is looking good, but we expect changing conditions throughtout and significant rainfall and fog in the Sangay region.
The first leg of the expedition will lead the team up the flank of the 5400m high active stratovolcano Sangay.
The Sangay is one of the most active volcanoes in the country, so our team is diligently monitoring the mountain and is in close contact with the mountain guides in the area. Our schedule has some flexibility built in, so that we can avoid periods of increased volcanic activity.


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